The MultiTest 50-xt from Mecmesin is a mid-level system and is a self-contained force testing system with 50kN rating. With the help of a touch screen interface, it is suitable for a production setup, where consistent and precise routine tests are conducted and needs minimum training and set-up time.

Mecmesin's intelligent and superior performance load cells are used for high resolution and excellent accuracy.

The major advantages of the MultiTest 50-xt are:

  • The system is all-inclusive and does not require a PC
  • Measures force and displacement
  • Enables creation and storage of multiple test programs
  • It has five 'Favourite' buttons that enable direct access to repeatedly used programs
  • Results can be displayed as 'Pass' or 'Fail'
  • It can be upgraded to run programs that are written in Mecmesin's powerful Emperor software
  • Password protection that will help safeguard programs
  • Auto-loadcell configuration or recognition

The programmable logic controller (PLC) or digital control interface facilitates additional automation, allowing control of external devices, which can perform other tasks that are mostly normally undertaken manually. Using a PLC, tests can be conducted safely without the need of an operator, hence increasing productivity, reducing costs and mistakes, which are mostly caused through human error.

The technical specifications of the MultiTest 50-xt are:

  • Compression and tension testing
  • 420mm (16.5") clearance between columns
  • Maximum load of 50,000N (1100lbf)
  • Space to fit a sample of 1330mm (52.4") *
  • Crosshead movement up to 1100mm (43.3") *
  • 11 different loadcell capacities from 50N to 50kN (11 - 11,000lbf)
  • Load resolution of 1:6500
  • Loadcell accuracy of
    �0.1% of full scale from 2 to 2500N
    �0.2% of full scale from 5000 to 50,000N
  • Speed range of
    1 - 400 mm/min (0.04 - 15"/min) up to 25kN
    1 - 250 mm/min (0.04 - 10"/min) above 25kN
  • Weight 290kg (639lb)

* measured without loadcell or grips

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Customer Testimonial

Purchase of the MultiTest 50-xt has allowed us to extend the range of products we can test in-house and obtain more information about the failure mode of the samples.

Erica Moore, Test and EHS Manager, Amphenol

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