Torque Testing Systems - Vortex-i from Mecmesin

The Vortex-i has been optimized for determining rotary and static torque up to 10N.m, the flexible Vortex-i is suitable for advanced routines for challenging material and product tests. The Vortex-i systems ensure that one gains total programmable control and detailed assessment tools for conducting a broad array of torque tests.

The advantages of the Emperor software are:

  • Building its own test program
  • Gaining precise test data
  • Assessing results comprehensively
  • Creating test reports

Vortex-i systems are used along with Mecmesin's all-inclusive range of intelligent torque loadcells (ITC) that provide automatic recognition of calibration data and I.D and can be interchanged easily to meet the load that needs to be measured. High resolution and superior accuracy are guaranteed.

The salient features of the Vortex-i system are:

  • Flexible and adjustable mounting tables
  • Top-loading feature for CRC tests
  • Computer control of all test parameters

Emperor software offers a flexible programming structure helps conduct design and customization tests that will help satisfy the customer's specific requirements.

Vortex-i PC-controlled Torque Tester - Product Overview - Mecmesin Torque Measurement

The software has a broad range of capabilities and it will offer comprehensive information about tests, allowing the customers to test product performance all through its life cycle.

The features of the software are:

  • It is possible to design and tailor the test with an interactive, easy-to-learn user interface, test management is simplified by the toolbar, pass/fail criteria can be created and a library of standard test procedures such as angle, run to torque, break or time.
  • Test data can be viewed 'live in a graphical format, views can be customized to suit how one wishes to view the data, test replay facility is provided to help identify critical areas, simple print function enables an instant record and a comprehensive help system is just a click away.
  • Test data can be evaluated using user-definable calculations, color-coded results for easy pass/fail analysis, highlight and note points of interest, use the zoom tool to accurately pinpoint important areas, export and archive data to the company's own software
  • Test reports can be generated using the Emperor's summary report tool for pdf format, customize the company's report using auto-export to Excel function, maintain comprehensive records of previous tests

Customer Testimonials

The Vortex-i system has enabled us to eliminate the variability of results experienced with our previous manually-operated testing systems, allowing accurate and consistent testing of the conformance of our drug delivery systems to our stringent in-house standards.

Becton Dickinson, Global Medical Technology Company

Tactile characteristics have become a very important aspect in TRV design. The Vortex-i has enabled Pegler Yorkshire to benchmark and assess new design proposals allowing detailed examination of dynamic characteristics and wear over prolonged use. As a result we can provide customers with TRVs of an increased quality and durability.

Sam White, Pegler Yorkshire

Technical specifications of Vortex-i are:

  • Maximum load of 10N.m
  • Intelligent torque loadcell capacities: 0.3N.m, 1.5N.m, 3N.m, 6N.m, 10N.m (,,,,
  • Width between columns 280mm (11")
  • Maximum sample height of 448mm (17.6") *
  • Load accuracy is ±0.5% of full scale
  • Capacity of upper mounting table from 10 to 78mm (0.39 - 3.07")
  • Capacity of lower mounting table from 10 to 190mm (0.39 - 7.5")
  • Load resolution is 1:6500
  • Speed range of 0.1 - 20 revs/min (clockwise and counter-clockwise)
  • Maximum displacement of 2440 revs
  • 5kg top loading capability
  • Weight 19.5kg (43lb)

* measured with upper and lower mounting tables fitted


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