Nanomechanical Testing Machine/Nanoindenter - T150 from KLA

The T150 UTM is a sophisticated universal testing machine for the determination of nanomechanical properties. The nanomechanical testing system uses an actuating transducer head to generate a tensile force.

Key Features

The key features and specifications of the T150 UTM are:

  • Load cell offers high sensitivity over a broad strain range
  • Large dynamic range and excellent resolution
  • CDA mode offers high accuracy throughout testing
  • Flexibility and upgradability for new or repeatable applications
  • Real-time control and convenient test protocol development


The applications of the T150 UTM are:

  • Yield of compliant fibers and biomaterials
  • Dynamic studies of fibers and biomaterials
  • Tensile and compression studies of polymers
Keysight T150 Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

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