Large Batch Open Load RIE System: PlasmaPro 800 RIE

The PlasmaPro 800 offers a versatile solution for reactive ion etching (RIE) processes on large wafer batches and 300mm wafers. The large capacity open load RIE tool is a small footprint, open-loading system. The large wafer platen enables for production scale batch processing and 300mm wafer handling. RIE of compound semiconductor, dielectric, metals, and organic materials can be easily achieved using the PlasmaPro 800 RIE system.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro 800 RIE are given below:

  • Proven, high-performance processes for 300mm single wafer failure analysis
  • Accurate process control
  • Range of electrode sizes and wafer capacity
  • Superior substrate temperature control
  • Large electrodes delivering market-leading cost of ownership
  • Substrate temperature control is provided up to 400°C
  • Endpoint detection by laser interferometry and/or optical emission spectroscopy can be fitted to the PlasmaPro 800Plus to improve etch control
  • Etch end point detection for reliability and serviceability
  • Options of a 4-, 8- or 12-line gas pod provides versatility in processes and process gases, and can be remotely located in the service area, away from the main process tool.

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