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E732 Snap Cure Epoxy Prepreg from TenCate

This video features the E732 Snap Cure Epoxy Prepreg from TenCate. The E732 is a snap cure toughened epoxy resin matrix optimized for press curing prepreg applications. It has a cure time of 4 minutes at 160 °C (320 °F), which allows achieving an onset Tg of 170 °C (338 °F). The TenCate E732 epoxy has excellent surface finish, and is low tack for easy lay-up. It is appropriate for high volume production of complex geometries as well as for automated material processing. Moreover, it has a storage life of up to 6 months at -18 °C and is used for various applications such as Sport & recreation, Automotive, Energy, and Consumer electronics.

Run Time - 2:47min

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