MACH 2018: Alicona Cobots Prove to be Strong in Accuracy

In this video, the significance of the Alicona Cobots is explained by Brian Kyte, Alicona UK Ltd to Mark Deadman, MTDCNC. Alicona Cobots play a vital role in the process measurement of profiles and surface finish that brings inspection into production.

In this video, the importance of Alicona Cobots as an efficient measuring tool is discussed. Alicona Cobots can be integrated into machine tools and they allow users to not only manufacture the product they need to produce but also conduct inspections. This removes the need for subsequent inspections and also reduces the risk of components being produced to an odd specification. Alicona Cobots are a general measuring tool but the areas mostly covered would be the automotive and aerospace where the objects to be measured could be quite large and also quite complex. Alicona Cobots also have the ability to take the measurements to the required position and this is a big advantage for the users. Alicona Cobots are strong in the areas of accuracy and specifications. At MACH 2018, Alicona Cobots have earned and received tremendous attention from engineers.

Run Time - 3:05min

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