Bayer System Monitors and Reduces Energy Consumption at Production Plants

In conjunction with Bayer Technology Services and Bayer Business Services, Bayer MaterialScience has developed an innovative measurement and management system as part of a global energy efficiency program. This program can deliver energy savings of up to ten percent at production plants and the company is seeking to establish this system at 60 of its most energy-intensive production plants around the world by 2012.

According to the German Society for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS), Bayer MaterialScience is raising the bar with this integrated management system. This was the outcome from an energy audit conducted by the DQS in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Resources Act (EEG).

The management system, known as "STRUCTese", is part of the overarching Bayer Climate Program, under which Bayer MaterialScience aims to cut specific greenhouse gas emissions per metric ton of product sold throughout the world by 25 percent by 2020.

Taking as its starting point the analysis performed using the Bayer Climate Check, STRUCTese enables the systematic identification and control of potential savings in energy consumption, logistic processes and resultant greenhouse gas emissions from production plants. The system integrates all necessary processes into the organisation and supplies up-to-date performance indicators that provide an up-to-the-minute record of progress in boosting efficiency.

"For the first time it is now possible to make energy efficiency measurable, comparable and comprehensible at operational level. This transparency ensures that each plant has clear information about its energy efficiency, thereby enabling it to adopt a systematic approach to managing it," explains Dr. Christian Czauderna, project manager for STRUCTese at Bayer MaterialScience. The impact on energy consumption of every action conducted in a plant can be seen in real time. Operators are therefore always able to operate their plant with optimum energy efficiency.

"We have created a fully comprehensive solution for energy efficiency that we believe cannot be matched by companies with comparable levels of complexity. Our company is therefore taking on a pioneering role in environmental and climate protection, and also boosting its competitiveness by cutting energy consumption," says Dr. Tony Van Osselaer, a member of the Board of Management at Bayer MaterialScience and initiator of the project.

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