Goodfellow Now Offering Copper Foam Suited to a Range of Industries

Copper foam, now available from Goodfellow, combines the outstanding thermal conductivity of copper with the structural benefits of a metal foam. These features are of particular interest to design engineers working in the fields of medical products and devices, defence systems and manned flight, power generation, and the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Copper foam from Goodfellow

It is a true skeletal structure - not a sintered, coated, or plated product - and its purity is typically that of the parent alloy metal, with no voids, inclusions or entrapments. The matrix of cells and ligaments is completely repeatable, regular and uniform throughout the material, yielding a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure with a controlled density of metal per unit volume.

Characteristics of copper foam include:

  • Optimal heat transfer
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • High surface area-to-volume ratio
  • Isotropic load response
  • Controlled stress-strain characteristics
  • Can be brazed
  • Can be coated and plated

Copper foam is available from Goodfellow in standard pore sizes of 5, 10, 20 and 40 pores per inch (2, 4, 8 and 16 pores per cm), with a density range of 3 to 12%. However, the foam can be compressed to achieve higher densities (up to about 70%) and smaller pore sizes (as high as approximately 500 pores per inch / 200 pores per cm).

For more information about copper foam, call Goodfellow on 0800 731 4653 (UK) or +44 1480 424 800, email [email protected] or go to "New Products" in the News section of

About Goodfellow

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