Master Bond Release Breakthrough Medical Adhesive

Master Bond EP3HTMED represents a breakthrough medical adhesive. It combines the ease of fast curing with a "no-mix" one part epoxy yet it fully complies with USP Class Vl requirements for biocompatibility. This adhesive system exhibits an almost instant cure, rare in such a high strength epoxy, requiring as little as 5 minutes at 300°F to cure. It is extremely durable, has excellent adhesion and optimizes productivity.

The one part, heat curing medical device adhesive, produces high strength bonds, particularly in the lap shear mode over the wide service temperature range of -60°F to 400°F. Biocompatible epoxy adhesive EP3HTMED withstands impact, vibration and stress fatigue cracking while maintaining the moisture, creep and corrosion resistance typical of epoxy adhesives. It possesses superior chemical resistance, particularly to chemical sterilants, as well as to other types of sterilization including ETO, radiation and autoclaving required of medical device adhesives.

EP3HTMED fast cure epoxy adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including glass, ceramics, most plastics and is excellent for bonding metals. Finally, the one part no-mix epoxy feature allows for unlimited working life as the material will not cure unless heated to 250°F. The medical adhesive can improve the design of joints and the assembly of disposable and reusable medical devices, as well as in the production of medical electronics, especially where high adhesive performance and speed of production are paramount.

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