New Market Report on Conductive Coatings from NanoMarkets

NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst, today announced that it will be releasing a new report that addresses the conductive coatings business on May 18th. Titled, "Conductive Coatings Markets, 2009 and Beyond", the report is the next in a series from the firm examining opportunities for materials suppliers in emerging electronics and energy markets.

About the Report:

NanoMarkets believes that the conductive coatings business offers a unique combination of drivers in the next few years. Demand for these kinds of coatings are likely to increase as they are required to support new green technologies such as photovoltaics, improved solid-state lighting, and more energy-efficient building materials. Somewhat further off lie prospects for increased business for conductive coatings through sales into emerging markets such as flexible displays and smart fabrics. At the same time, conductive coatings are also sold into less risky and speculative markets; an attractive aspect of the business at the time of rough sailing in the economy.

Also attractive is the fact that the conductive coatings business is no longer just about commodities. While the established metallic materials and metal oxides that have dominated the business will continue to do so, there is increasingly an opportunity for materials firms to distinguish themselves in the conductive coatings business with new organic and nanomaterials of various kinds.

With all this in mind, NanoMarkets presents its new market study on conductive coatings. The report surveys the various classes of materials that are used for conductive coatings, R&D developments relating to new materials and how these new developments meet (or don't meet) the needs of the marketplace. As with all NanoMarkets reports, this report includes a detailed eight-year forecast of conductive coatings markets by application and material and it also provides an in-depth discussion of key materials suppliers and other firms active in this space.

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