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New Market Report on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Materials and Components Markets

NanoMarkets LC, a Virginia-based analyst firm offering market research and analysis coverage of advanced materials and emerging electronics and energy markets, has just announced the release of its latest report titled, "Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Materials and Components Markets and Opportunities Item Number: Nano-181".

The report concludes that EMC, once a relatively stagnant market, is now a growth opportunity due to the explosion in wireless communications and the trend towards miniaturization of personal electronics with more features and components inside. The firm believes these and other factors will drive the total market value for EMC products and materials to $13.6 billion by 2015.

Additional details including a table of contents and a report excerpt are available at Members of the press may request and receive an executive summary of the report. The author of the report, Dr. Paul Markowitz is also available for Q&A.

A companion report addressing electro static discharge (ESD) products and materials was released in March.

From the Report:

  • As higher bandwidth data networking expands into typical workplaces and homes, shielded network cables will displace the less robust unshielded ones. And this is in addition to the ongoing growth in the use of HDMI cables for high-definition audio/video signals; cables that require EMI/RFI shielding where previous generations did not. Revenues from total EMI shielded cables will reach $3.8 billion by 2015.
  • The automotive sector is also going to be a significant driver for EMC materials and components going forward. While the industry faces increased scrutiny for the risk of EMI given all of the bad publicity surrounding Toyota, the movement towards hybrids and electric cars in addition to the ever increasing amount of on board computing and electronics devices will also drive an increased use of shielding. EMC revenues from the automotive sector will reach $1 billion by 2015.
  • Conductive polymers are an open opportunity for companies since H.C. Starck and Agfa are not pursuing the EMC space aggressively. By 2015, NanoMarkets expects that the use of conductive polymers for EMC will reach $200 million.

About the Report:

This new NanoMarkets report, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Materials and Components Markets and Opportunities Item Number: Nano-181 analyzes and quantifies the markets for EMC materials including coatings and paints, bulk materials including metals, filled plastics, and conductive polymers and ferrites (and products) component shields, cable shielding, gaskets, filters, device and equipment enclosures, and room enclosure materials. The report provides thorough examination of the opportunities for these materials and products and the firms that produce them. Our analysis also includes technical issues such as relative performance and features of different solutions and a determination of how these characteristics relate to applications , as well as business ones such as how growth in the applications for these products and materials will affect volumes and costs. The uncertainties of newer EMC materials such as nanomaterials and some conductive polymers are addressed.

A separate but related goal of this report is to provide detailed forecasts of the markets analyzed, both in volume terms and in monetary terms, from the views of the different material types and the different product types, within the framework of the applications for which they are used and the types of end users.

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