Particulate Systems Granted Distribution Rights for VASCO Particle Size Analyzers

Particulate Systems, a brand of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, was recently granted distribution rights for the Cordouan VASCO Series of Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzers.

The Cordouan VASCO DLS Particle Size Analyzers are unique dynamic light scattering (DLS) nanosizing instruments based on a patented innovative technology developed in collaboration with the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP). The VASCO's original optical configuration design combines back-scattered light detection and the capability to control sample thickness. Moreover, in most cases no sample dilution is necessary which makes measurements almost instantaneous. With its temperature stabilization feature, the VASCO is capable of measuring particle size in a range from 6 micrometers to 1 nanometer.

Conventional DLS is a powerful technique useful in characterizing dilute and transparent dispersions of nanoparticles. However, it becomes ineffective in dark media since the laser beam is absorbed by sample which can induce an interfering effect. The phenomenon called 'multiple scattering artifact' biases measurement results when analyzing a concentrated sample. This phenomenon interferes with the correlation calculations and leads to underestimation of the hydrodynamic radius of particles. To circumvent these problems, the VASCO utilizes back-scattered light detection which provides higher detection efficiency for opaque sample and decreases the instrument sensitivity to multiple scattering. Its capability to control the sample thickness limits further this artifact and strongly reduces the laser thermal effect. This allows very accurate measurements even in concentrated and dark dispersions.

The granulometer adaptation of the VASCO series can perform on-line measurements of concentrated samples. Real-time analysis of particle size in a pipeline or a reactor without stop flow allows kinetic studies of aggregation.

Patrick Wommack, General Manager for Particulate Systems, comments, "Adding the VASCO Series of nanosizing products to the Particulate Systems product portfolio is another collaboration which demonstrates Micromeritics' commitment to providing our customers additional analytical solutions which are synergistic with our core product line."

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