Live Webinar on Physisorption of Nanoporous Materials

Quantachrome Instruments' Dr Matthias Thommes will present a free, live webinar titled "An Introduction to State-of-the-Art Micro-Mesopore Size Data Reduction" on March 23, 2011, at 10:30 EDT. This Webinar will be the first in a series addressing the proper analysis of physisorption isotherms in order to obtain an accurate and comprehensive surface and pore size/volume characterization of nanoporous materials.

Dr Matthias Thommes, Quantachrome's Director of Applied Science, will discuss general aspects of the application of both classical (e.g.BJH), and modern, microscopic methods (e.g. DFT) for porous materials characterization. A comprehensive, structural characterization of nanoporous materials has become more important than ever for the optimization of systems used in many important existing and potentially new applications. The most popular method to obtain surface area, pore size, pore size distribution and porosity information from powders and porous solids is gas adsorption and analysis of the resulting isotherms. During recent years, major progress has been achieved in the understanding of such adsorption in ordered micro-and mesoporous materials.

Please join us March 23 for his live presentation. Places are limited and cannot be guaranteed, so those interested should send an email to request an invitation to [email protected]

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