New Video Demonstrates How Easy It Is to Obtain Water Sorption Data with Aquadyne DVS

Quantachrome Corporation's YouTube channel now includes a short video demonstrating just how easy it is to obtain water vapor sorption data on two samples simultaneously using their fully automated Aquadyne DVS analyzer.

Water vapor sorption is unfortunately a slow process controlled by diffusional kinetics, so determining water sorption isotherms is often considered a tediouos task. But, the Aquadyne effectively doubles sample throughput by analyzing two samples simultaneously! That's an important advantage for those industries that would do more water vapor sorption measuremenst for characterizing materials and products - pharmaceuticals, food, ceramics, building materials, paper etc.- were it not for the usual poor sample throughput.

The Aquadyne VDS

But the Aquadyne is a bench top unit complete with a self-regulated, precision temperature and RH% controlled sample chamber that easily accommodates two samples, each hanging from its own high-resolution microbalance. The chamber door offers great accessibility to both sample positions called "hangdowns", doubles as a convenient staging shelf for sample pans, and includes a heated window for fog-free visibility. Since there is no external circulator bath and no large environmental chamber required to house the unit, setting up analyses of two samples has been greatly simplified.

This video demonstrates the superior ergonomics of the Aquadyne DVS and the quality of data users can expect from this dual-sample DVS analyzer. The video can be viewed directly at or below and is part of Quantachrome Corporation's channel at

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