3D Holograms to Become Forgery Proof Identifiers

Bayer Material Science has developed light sensitive films that are marketed under the Bayfol HX that has its applications in manufacturing ID cards that are forgery proofed.

The technology involves photopolymer films such as the Bayfol HX wherein the holographic image is inscribed on it and upon exposure to laser beams is made visible thereby providing secure physical authentication.

These photopolymer materials are cost-effective, ideal for mass production since they do not require any chemical processes or thermal treatment to go through. Bayfol HX based holograms can be portraits, company logos or even stereograms. The material ensures that the colour of the portrait does not change irrespective of the angle it is viewed from hence the rainbow effect as we see in conventional holographic material is completely avoided. Unlike the conventional holographic materials, the Bayfol HX requires no metallic background and virtually any background can be utilized.

Bayer MaterialScience distributes Bayfol HX for security related applications and to select hologram manufacturers with specialized knowledge. It caters to the automotive, electronics and electrical, construction, sports and leisure industries and had 30 productions centres and employ close to 14700 staff worldwide. Bayer MaterialScience has a turnover of € 10.2 billion and is considered to be one of the world’s premier polymer manufacturing companies.

Source: http://www.bayermaterialscience.com

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