Multi-Ceramic Technology Introduces Injection Moulding of Ceramic Components

Multi-Ceramic Technology Introduces Injection Moulding of Ceramic Components

Muiti-Ceramic Technology, part of the Multi-Lab Group, has introduced High & Low pressure Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) parts production to their industrial ceramics portfolio.

The technology of C I M production has moved forward in leaps & bounds over the last decade, and MCT recognised that it is the way forward for the production of complex geometry ceramic parts, and have moved with the technology surge.


With LP-CIM you can take advantage of not only low cost tooling but also significantly lower cost parts with complex shapes over that of conventionally pressed and green machined parts for very obvious reasons, due to the ultra-low cost tooling, LP-CIM can often work out cheaper for even just a 1 off component over a machined part with semi- complex geometry & certainly comes into its own with high volume production.


With HP-CIM you have to strike a balance over slightly higher tooling cost, component price, quality & the ability to maintain tighter tolerances on components with even more complicated geometry than that of parts produced by LP-CIM, having said this, we are still finding that this superior technique is becoming ever more popular due to the process advancements. HP-CIM offers the ability once tooled, to produce ceramic parts with incredibly complex geometry to very tight tolerances coupled with an excellent surface finish due to the highly polished tooling, helping to maintain a cost advantage over green machined parts


If you consider all of the afore mentioned advantages in conjunction with the ability to achieve very thin walled parts that are historically difficult to produce withal other ceramic production methods along with tiny hole & slot control, you will conclude that there are very many reasons why this manufacturing process is widely considered to be the way forward.

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