4-slot Motorized Filter Wheel for FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc Thermal Imaging Camera Series

The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc cameras are advanced thermal imaging devices that include a new 4-slot motorized filter wheel with measurement parameter adjustment and automatic filter recognition features. The filter holders, which can be easily removed, are integrated with a temperature probe to enable precise measurement.

When a thermal imaging camera is used in non-contact temperature measurements, materials that are opaque or transparent to infrared wavelengths present a number of issues. When materials are transparent, the camera views through them and records a temperature, which is a mix of the material itself and the object which is behind it. When a thermal imaging camera is required to view through an opaque material to calculate the temperature of an object behind it, ambient reflections and signal attenuation can make it difficult to achieve precise temperature reading. To overcome these issues, an infrared filter can be placed in the optical path of the camera.

The filter wheel in the FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging cameras allows users to insert specific filters between the focal plane and lens. A new spectral response can be measured with each rotation of the filter position, and because of these calibrated filters the FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc cameras can be used in demanding applications where other thermal imaging cameras prove ineffective.

The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series are specifically designed to provide highly sensitive and precise measurements. They are user-friendly and offer excellent connectivity in a small but full-featured package.

The cameras are suitable for R&D professionals and scientists working on complex applications. The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc series offers high-definition images of 1280 x 1024 pixels that allow users to view the most intricate details and the smallest of thermal anomalies. The high-tech detector technology in the cameras makes it easy to detect temperature variations below 25mK (18mK typically). In addition, the "lock-in" feature can detect temperature variations down to 1mK. The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc can calculate temperatures up to 3,000º C with +/- 1ºC or +/- 1% accuracy.

More information on how filters extend the applications of thermal imaging cameras is given in Chapter 4 of FLIR Systems, titled 'The Ultimate Infrared Handbook for R&D Professionals'.

A pioneer in thermal imaging technology, FLIR designs and develops thermal imaging systems and subsystems that are used in a number of applications, including scientific, industrial, commercial, governmental, and fire fighting applications. The company’s development centres and sales offices are spread in more than 60 countries and over 100,000 systems have been deployed across the globe.

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