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Mid-Atlantic Manufacturer Purchases Three Ipsen TinyTurbo Furnace Units

Ipsen shipped three TinyTurbo® units to a mid-Atlantic manufacturer. The furnaces were 18” x 18” x 24” (450 mm x 450 mm x 610 mm) and are equipped to handle a number of processes including hardening, tempering, brazing and annealing, showing that small can still be powerful.

TinyTurbo Furnace

The Ipsen TurboTreater® has become a force to be reckoned with, setting the standard for speed, energy efficiency and repeatability. Being available in a compact size gives customers access to all the benefits and process enhancements of the advanced TurboTreater, while minimizing floor space for easier integration into manufacturing cells.

The TinyTubo matches the TurboTreater’s industry reputation stems from the consistency of its results and the dependability of its software and controls. Other valuable features include:

  • Fast cooling speeds and distortion control with 2, 6 and 12 Bar quench pressure options
  • Increased command over processes through intuitive and user-friendly furnace controls software
  • Precise temperature and uniformity control through a wide range of operating temperatures with adjustable power settings for each heating zone, using DigiTrim® and PID (proportional integral derivative)
  • Ability to meet specific process requirements by offering a wide variety of hot zone insulating materials
  • More repeatable results through optional processes like AvaC® (Acetylene-based Vacuum Carburizing) and SolNit™ (where nitrogen is dissolved into the surface layer or case of corrosion-resistant steels)
  • Easy overhaul, repair and furnace cleaning with a hydrogen 10 Torr partial pressure system
  • Decreased cycle times by 25% with greater throughput using convection

Ipsen technology is versatile, ensuring that the best fit for customers’ heat treating needs are achievable. TinyTurbo brings faster door-to-door performance to a wide range of applications, including powder metal, high-speed steel, cutting tools and dies.

The TurboTreater line also includes the SuperTurbo® the industry’s premium, top-of-the-line large horizontal vacuum furnace. It applies all the superior TurboTreater technology to improve processing of larger dies, tools and parts with complex geometries. It’s equipped with features that make it efficient even for larger, heavier loads.

Visit and see how the advanced TurboTreater technology can best be integrated into your production line.


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