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Ipsen Works Towards Cost-Effective And Compliant-Capable Solutions

The recent tightening of process regulations, such as Nadcap and AMS 2750E, have been in the spotlight for a few months now. Customers looking to ensure that their production lines make the cut are reevaluating maintenance best practices.

Ipsen’s Engineered Components Group has been hard at work collaborating with customers for cost-effective and compliant-capable solutions to keep production up and running. Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating and other industries affected by the recent specification changes are focusing their time and energy on compliant controls, hot zone retrofits, increasing process control and improving temperature uniformity.

Previously, companies were able to sustain compliancy by making slight tweaks and changes to their current hot zone or by simply replacing their thermocouples. Some regulation updates now require temperature uniformity testing after every alteration, so hot zone replacement cannot be delayed the way it had been in the past should that hot zone perform below set standards. This has certainly drawn the attention of brazing customers who are now investing more resources in hot zone retrofits, due to the destructive nature of the process to the integrity of the hot zone.

A recent article featuring Ipsen’s advanced controls systems outlines how advanced controls technology can give you the operational flexibility needed to measure and analyze your equipment and processes with ease. You can then use that analysis to refine and adjust the settings and parameters of your equipment to enhance your process. With advanced controls, this optimization is simple and also ensures less human error in the production process because it eliminates several manual processes, automating them for precise, repeatable control. Read the article at to find out more about state-of-the-art controls technology and how it can help you refine your processes as well as meet industry specifications like Nadcap and AMS 2750E.

Customers looking to improve their temperature uniformity, heat-up rate or ramp-up rate are encouraged to call Ipsen to discuss what solution may be right for them. Ipsen’s Engineered Components Group works with any and all types and brands of furnaces so no one must go without equipment that consistently performs at its very best. For more information, call 815-332-2625 or email [email protected].


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