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Ipsen China Begins Work on Furnace Builds for Automobile Manufacturer

As the demand for high volume, mass-produced Automotive components rises, so does the demand for high-quality heat treatment systems to ensure durable parts. Ipsen China has begun work on several furnace builds for a European automobile manufacturer and one of the top worldwide Automotive OEMs, both repeat customers.

With these orders, Ipsen China has stepped up production in order to deliver a total of five pusher furnaces, all reaching completion within one month of each other. These atmosphere heat treatment pusher furnaces will all be installed and operational in 2014. Three of them will be used to heat treat automotive transmissions; the other two will be used to heat treat rear axle gears. These bottom charging, pre-heating, fully automatic carburizing furnaces keep atmosphere consistent and the processes uniform. They have very tight-fitting doors and multiple zones (a heating, a hardening and two carburizing zones), which provide improved control and short cycle times. The pusher furnaces are well equipped to handle these customers’ large capacity and high production needs. Their features ensure excellence in the carburizing process.

In addition to the five pusher furnaces being built, three batch atmosphere furnaces are also being manufactured at Ipsen China. Ipsen's RTQ 10 batch atmosphere furnaces are configured for nitrocarburizing and provide users an excellent return on investment.

These state-of-the-art atmosphere furnaces are what customers expect from Ipsen, a world leader in thermal processing technology. Ipsen also employs the largest and most skilled Aftermarket Support Team in the business to meet your needs for furnace controls upgrades, replacement hot zones, parts, maintenance and service. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success.

About Ipsen

Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing markets including: Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical, Energy and Automotive. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Visit or for more information.

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