Quantachrome Announces the Grand Opening of its Direct Subsidiary in China

Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce the grand opening of its direct subsidiary in China, Quantachrome China.

This heralds the continued expansion of Quantachrome’s market in China. Since Quantachrome first began selling in China in 1992 the Chinese market has grown exponentially to become Quantachrome’s single largest export market.

The new subsidiary will be staffed by an experienced team of long time Quantachrome sales, marketing, and technical support staff. It is led by Mr. Jeffrey Yang, who has been involved in leading Quantachrome’s China sales and marketing efforts for over 18 years.

The new subsidiary will be able to provide increased and enhanced support to Quantachrome’s existing customer base, as well as providing the enhanced infrastructure to continue Quantachrome’s sales expansion.

Quantachrome prides itself worldwide in fulfilling the corporate mission of not only selling advanced laboratory instrumentation, but also providing unparalleled application and scientific support to customers focusing on how Quantachrome’s products solve their specific application needs. Quantachrome has thousands of customers in China which will be supported with a direct field service staff with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, and Xian.

The subsidiary will be supported with a fully staffed and operational applications and testing laboratory which will provide an epicenter for advanced training of Chinese customers, applications support for existing and new customers, as well as the ability to conduct commercial testing for customers in China.

Quantachrome’s products serve a wide variety of customers engaged in the development of novel new age materials utilized in advanced technology markets focused on developing new porous materials with advanced functional performance characteristics such new energy sources, energy storage (batteries), catalysts, CO2 sequestration, graphene, filtration, building materials, and a plethora of other advanced materials.

The performance characteristics of these materials is directly related to the core physical properties that Quantachrome’s instruments measure such as surface area, pore size, pore distribution, density, and water adsorption rates. China has very active research and development in many of these areas, placing Quantachrome firmly in the epicentre of technologies of strategic importance to China’s future economic and industrial development. This was another impetus behind the establishment of Quantachrome China, folklore.

The opening of the subsidiary commenced with a traditional grand opening ceremony steeped in Chinese business and cultural traditions. The grand opening was attended by the principals of Quantachrome, Scott Lowell(President), Lauren Specter (CFO), and Jeffrey Dixon(Director of International Sales). The grand opening was attended by customers of Quantachrome, some of which that traveled over 1,500 miles to come to the ceremony. The formal grand opening is important in both Chinese business traditions, as well as respect to Chinese cultural traditions and folklore.

For over 45 years, Quantachrome has designed revolutionary analytical laboratory instruments for material characterization laboratories. Our instrumentation is used in leading industrial and research laboratories for the analysis of powder and porous materials’ surface area, density, pore size, pore size distribution, and specific gas and vapor interactions. These physical properties are essential qualities of battery and fuel cell materials, heterogeneous catalysts, hierarchical catalysts, graphene, MOF’s (metal organic frameworks), pharmaceutical powders, ceramics, carbons, zeolites, advanced mesoporous and microporous materials, biomaterials, foam materials, pigments, and food products.

About Quantachrome Instruments

Quantachrome Instruments offers a wide range of fully automated gas, vapor and water sorption analyzers, gas displacement pycnometers, flow chemisorption analyzers, physisorption analyzers, expulsion porometers, intrusion porosimeters, mercury porosimeters, capillary flow porometers, and tap density analyzers. We also offer rotary rifflers for representative sampling of powders and granules.


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