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Commercial Heat Treater Purchases Ipsen ATLAS Atmosphere Furnace Line, Increasing Capabilities

Ipsen continues to provide solutions that meet a range of customer needs with the recent sale of an ATLAS atmosphere furnace, temper, washer, loader, endo generator and load table to a commercial heat treater in the Midwest.

This batch atmosphere furnace will be used for several processes, including carburizing, neutral hardening and carbonitriding, as well as to help the company further increase their capabilities and product offerings.

The ATLAS furnace features a 36” x 48” x 38” (915 mm x 1,220 mm x 965 mm) load size with a 3,500-pound (1,600 kg) load capacity. It also operates at temperatures of 1,450 °F – 1,800 °F (788 °C – 985 °C) and has a quench oil capacity of 3,500 gallons (13,250 L). Equipped with Ipsen’s newest design features and innovations, the ATLAS is configured for maximum compatibility and to consistently produce quality parts. Featuring variable-speed quench agitation, users are able to achieve and maintain better quenching control, which in turn, results in minimized distortion and high part quality.

The extensive features of the ATLAS furnace provide unsurpassed benefits, including:

  • Great option for replacing an older furnace or adding a new line to expand production with its ability to integrate into existing furnace lines and fit into existing pits
  • Flexible design that conveniently positions components so as to maximize the use of floor space
  • Energy-efficient operation thanks to the utilization of Ipsen’s Recon® III Burners, single-ended radiant tubes, tight door seals, insulation, intuitive controls and more
  • Intuitive Carb-o-Prof® controls software, which allows users to gain ultimate control over their process while also saving valuable time and resources

Overall, Ipsen’s complete atmosphere system provides users with a high level of flexibility as they can execute different thermal processes in each sealed-quench furnace, as well as expand the system for larger production needs and future increases in demand.

When it comes to quality atmosphere heat-treating equipment, Ipsen is your partner in success. To learn more about Ipsen’s ATLAS atmosphere furnace, visit here

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