Ipsen Ships 25-Plus Furnaces Worldwide, Meeting Customers’ Diverse Needs

In recent months, Ipsen has shipped more than 25 furnaces around the globe for a variety of applications and industries. The equipment was sent to international customers in Canada, China, England, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as sites within the U.S., covering a range of 15 different states.

One of these recent shipments was an AvaC® (acetylene vacuum carburizing) two-chamber gas/oil quench vacuum furnace to a company’s facility in Connecticut, where it will be used to process parts for the Sporting industry. This horizontal-loading furnace utilizes oil or 2-bar gas quenching, as well as low-pressure carburizing. It also features a 24” W x 36” L x 24” H (609 mm x 914 mm x 609 mm) graphite hot zone with a 1,000-pound (454 kg) load capacity.

The AvaC process produces twice the carbon availability as compared to traditional carburizing agents, resulting in excellent carbon transfer into the parts. It also has the advantage of producing an oxidation-free surface microstructure while allowing complex-geometry components to be evenly carburized.

The remaining shipments were comprised of furnaces from Ipsen’s TITAN® line, including TITAN DS and TITAN LT (low-temperature) furnaces, as well as horizontal and vertical MetalMaster®, TurboTreater®, VFS®, Global Vertical, Horizontal External Quench, Liquid/Gas Oil Quench and vacuum aluminum brazing vacuum furnaces. Overall, these shipments represent Ipsen’s ability to provide sophisticated and intuitive heat-treating solutions through an all-inclusive product line that supports various applications and processes.

To best support such diverse industries and needs around the world, Ipsen’s Global Support Team facilitates furnace installations, as well as provides expert training and startup assistance throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment. Visit our product listings to learn more about the equipment options Ipsen offers. Contact your Ipsen representative today to discuss your needs.

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