Whodunit – The Vacuum Furnace or the Pumping System? Simple Steps Every Furnace Operator, Owner Should Know

When working with vacuum heat-treating systems, a number of maintenance questions can arise. One of Ipsen’s most common Ask an Expert questions concerns finding leaks and their effect on the process and furnace.

The newest post in Ipsen’s Finding Leaks in Your Vacuum Furnace blog series takes a close look at how to determine whether the furnace or the pumping system is the root cause of any vacuum-related issues.

Oftentimes, one might immediately assume there is something wrong with the furnace when it begins to present signs of outgassing, dirty parts, performance issues, etc. While it’s possible that the furnace could be the source of the problem, it is important to avoid wasting valuable time going through all the steps of leak checking the furnace only to realize there’s actually something wrong with the capabilities and performance of the pumping system.

As such, Ipsen experts outlined a few simple steps for determining whether the furnace or the pumping system is the guilty party in their newest Finding Leaks in Your Vacuum Furnace blog post; find out what these steps are at http://bit.ly/LeakCheck-10.

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