Ceramics Expo 2016: Innovnano to Exhibit Advanced Zirconia Powders

Innovnano, a leading manufacturer of high performance ceramic powders, will be attending Ceramics Expo 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio (26-28th April). Visitors to the Innovnano booth (booth 428) can find out how its range of novel zirconia powders can provide the highest strength for the most physically demanding applications, such as the moving parts of machinery and cutting tools. Visitors will also have the chance to enter a prize draw at booth 428 to win a tablet. The tablet comes complete with a toughened case and screen protector, ensuring it is equipped for hard-wearing applications – just like Innovnano’s zirconia powders.

Innovnano’s nanostructured 3 mol % yttria-stabilised zirconia (3YSZ) is an optimised ceramic material for all applications that require strength, durability and hardness. With small grain sizes and exceptional homogeneity, Innovnano’s 3YSZ has excellent mechanical and physical properties and is ideally suited for hot and cold isostatic pressing (HIP/CIP), as well as uniaxial pressing. The result after pressing is a highly dense material for applications that call for extreme strength and durability. The components produced following hot isostatic pressing (HIP) are exceptionally hard (~ 1350 HV10), with a fracture toughness of ~ 6 MPa.m0.5 and a bending strength of up to 1800 MPa. As a result, components and devices pressed from 3YSZ are suitable for demanding anti-wear applications. 3YSZ from Innovnano also offers improved phase stability, enhancing the durability and tribological performance of the final ceramic component.

At Ceramic’s Expo 2016, visitors to booth 428 can find out more about Innovnano’s 3YSZ ceramic powder, as well as other zirconia powders in the range. 4YSZ powders and suspensions form part of this range, offering exceptional resistance to physical and chemical wear for extreme environments and the formation of shock-resistant thermal barrier coatings with low thermal conductivity. The range also includes monoclinic zirconia (MZ), which has superior sintering characteristics for excellent refractory strength and high temperature resilience.

Paul Newbatt (Sales & Marketing Director at Innovnano), who will be attending Ceramics Expo 2016, says, “We’re looking forward to meeting everyone in Cleveland this month for Ceramics Expo. With modern manufacturing industries demanding high quality materials to produce components with exceptional wear and abrasion resistance, the Innovnano range of zirconia powders with optimised properties offers the ideal solution. Come and visit us at booth 428 to find out how you could benefit from our powders’ enhanced characteristics and also enter our prize draw.”

For more information please visit the Innovnano website, www.innovnano-materials.com.


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