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State-of-the-art ULVAC Technologies that Support the IoT Society

ULVAC, a leading producer of vacuum technologies, exhibited its latest products and technologies in MEMS Technology Zone of FINETECH JAPAN, a technical exhibition that was held at Tokyo Big Site on April 6 to 8, 2016.

ULVAC’s core business involves producing vacuum technologies to provide high-quality production systems for various electronic parts, such as touch panels and thin-film batteries. The company exhibited its SDH series of sputtering systems that are used in the fabricating of thin films for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields for the first time at FINETECH JAPAN.

Printed-circuit boards for smartphones and other mobile devices often contain both semiconductor chips that are vulnerable to external EMI and semiconductor chips that emit EMI. In such cases, EMI shielding is often provided by covering the EMI-emitting semiconductor chips with a metal cover.

However, since the use of metal covers means that large gaps are required between adjacent semiconductor chips, the size of the printed-circuit board as a whole will inevitably become larger. In addition, the height of the parts mounted on the board is increased due to the use of metal covers. This approach is, therefore, not appropriate for devices requiring a high-density chip arrangement, such as smartphones and other mobile devices. Given this, the application of an EMI shield by forming a metal film on the surfaces of the semiconductor chips (packages) instead of using metal covers has become increasingly common in recent years.

EMI shielding requires the deposition of a sufficiently thick film not only on the surface of packages containing devices such as semiconductor chips and electronic parts, but also on their sides. In addition, the temperature during the sputtering process must be regulated to keep it low to prevent damage to these devices.

ULVAC’s SDH series of sputtering systems satisfies these requirements for the film deposition used in forming an EMI shield, and it delivers very high productivity at the same time. At present, the company is receiving many inquiries from a variety of different areas.


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