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SEMILAB CO. LTD. and Institute of Technical Physics and Material Science European 450mm Equipment Demo Line 227 000 000 Ft Funding 63.57% of the Development Costs

The semiconductor processing industry may make the transition to 450mm substrates. To prepare for this, active projects and consortia are driven by the equipment and materials manufacturers. The ENIAC JU project E459EDL will enable first critical process module development in a distributed pilot line, allowing participation in the world first 450mm integration studies, sustaining the leadership position of the European industry.

The consortium started with 41 partners (including SMEs and research institutes) from 11 European countries. It covers the first and most critical process steps for 450mm production and also for the 10nm node. The project includes developing lithography, etch, deposition and cleaning equipment.

A large portion of the work is dedicated for developing critical metrology tools and novel concepts for process control. Within this metrology work package, the work of two Hungarian participants takes place, funded in part by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Semilab contributes to this effort by developing a 450mm Mercury probe for electrical characterization of novel materials, such as new low-k backend dielectrics, high-k gate materials or novel channel materials. The tool is being tested in the distributed pilot line concept.

The Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (part of the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Centre for Energy Research) develops a novel, high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer which is able to measure thickness distribution of a thin layer in a 450mm line at once, enabling high-speed monitoring of layer deposition processes integrated onto a production equipment or equipment cluster.

Semilab and MFA acknowledge the funding from Hungary's National Research, Development and Innovation Office under contract no. NEMZ_12-1-2013-0001.

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