Herzan Announces Exciting Changes to the WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool

Herzan is excited to announce Version 3.0 of the WaveCatcher software (Version 3.0); an evolution to the platform, making it a more modern, reliable, and accurate data measurement tool. Version 3.0 includes several highly-requested features and optimizations that will allow the platform to improve and expand over time.

New and Improved Software Features

Version 3.0 brings many features customers have been asking for when performing site surveys. Additionally, existing features have been improved, allowing customers to collect and analyze measurement data faster.

New Features in Version 3.0

  • Modern Software Redesign: The WaveCatcher software has been redesigned to represent a modern user interface, enabling users to quickly and clearly perform a measurement.
  • Dynamic Data Post-Processing: Multiple post-processing features have been added for users to dynamically analyze and modify data collected by the WaveCatcher.
  • Intuitive Tooltips: Tooltips have been added to provide users with a clearer understanding of the WaveCatcher software features and modules.
  • Graphical Interface Customizations: The WaveCatcher display graph can now be customized to include UI features relevant to the measurement being taken, including: draw limits, show/hide individual data sets, Horizontal/Vertical Axis scaling, and more.
  • Multiple Sensor Measurements: The WaveCatcher can now utilize multiple sensor types during a measurement and display them on unique Y-Scales to support unique measurement requirements.
  • And Many More!

Improved Features in Version 3.0

  • Improved Data Management: Data can now be loaded faster and more reliably within the WaveCatcher software, allowing users to quickly compare measurements in real-time.
  • Updated Data Export: Measurements can now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with more settings included, offering a greater understanding of the measurement taken during analysis.

Comprehensive Software Support

In addition to the release of the new software features, customers have been asking for a more robust software support system. We are excited to announce comprehensive software support will arrive with Version 3.0, including:

  • Annual Software Support (Online): WaveCatcher users can now receive comprehensive online support for the WaveCatcher software, ensuring maximum uptime for their data measurement tool. A Herzan representative will provide personalized solutions to any issue experienced with the WaveCatcher software in a timely manner.
  • Automatic Software Upgrades: Version 3.0 signals Herzan’s commitment to improving the WaveCatcher software over time, where users will receive regular updates and improvements that will enhance their experience with the software. Updates and improvements will be released routinely and will range from major software refinements to routine bug fixes.   
  • Annual Sensor Calibration: All standard sensors provided with the WaveCatcher are now eligible for routine calibration, which will improve the reliability and accuracy of data collected over time.

All three software support features can be purchased separately or collectively in Herzan’s Comprehensive WaveCatcher Software Support package.

Upcoming Upgrade Modules

Version 3.0 will be able to upgrade over time with add-on modules, which will include new robust features that expand the capabilities of the WaveCatcher software.

Add-on modules will be more significant than traditional software improvements as they create new features previously unavailable to the software. Add-on modules will be sold separately and made available to all customers who can benefit from the newly developed features.

The modules listed below are not currently included in the WaveCatcher Version 3.0 software, but are schedule to arrive soon.

  • Live Data Logging: The WaveCatcher will be able to perform long-term measurements, collecting data in real-time, for users to better understand unique events within their environment.
  • Remote Data Access: The WaveCatcher will soon include a database integration system for larger data files and remote access to data as needed.
  • Automated Reports: The WaveCatcher will soon be able to automatically generate reports based on data collected, streamlining the site survey reporting process.
  • User Defined Sensors: Customers will soon be able to supply their own sensors with the WaveCatcher software and program their settings to be used quickly in repeat measurements.
  • Visualization of Isolation Systems for Measurements: The WaveCatcher software will soon be able to dynamically visualize the improvement of a Herzan environmental isolation system with the data measured in the environment. By doing so, a user can quickly determine if the room can be brought within instrument specification.  

Launch Day Promotion

Customer’s interested in Version 3.0 of the WaveCatcher software will be eligible to receive promotional pricing for the first three months (Promotion Window: 6/6/2017 – 9/30/2017). Promotional pricing will be available to existing WaveCatcher users wanting to upgrade to the new software, or new WaveCatcher users considering purchasing the WaveCatcher for the first time. The following breakdown outlines the discounts available during the promotional period.

  • Existing WaveCatcher Users: 85% off the price to upgrade the WaveCatcher software
  • New WaveCatcher Users: 57% off the price of the total cost of the WaveCatcher software

Learn More

More information on the changes coming to the WaveCatcher can be found at the WaveCatcher product page on Herzan’s website or by contacting us today.


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