Matmatch Launches Largest Free Materials Database for Engineers

Matmatch is the largest free materials database in the world. Founded by a family-owned metals manufacturer and incubated by Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Matmatch will be the most comprehensive knowledge base and material sourcing platform for engineers, researchers, and manufacturers.

Currently there is no simple way to find materials (ranging from polymers to metals and more), compare material properties, and source suppliers who provide the materials. However, with Matmatch, they can combine multiple filters - material type, material density, and elastic modulus, for example - to find materials that would be a good fit. Application filters can also be used to find materials that have already been identified as suitable for a specific use case, for example aircraft undercarriages. After that, the engineer can compare the properties of materials side-by-side, share them with their team, and select and source suppliers that actually carry the materials.

How is Matmatch unique?

The founding team interviewed hundreds of engineers and scientists and found that in 80% of cases, they were just Googling materials in order to find their properties. The average scientist or engineer did not have a single trusted source. Often if they settled on a material to use in their project, they had no way of knowing if it was actually the best fit or if there were other suppliers selling the material. On the other side, suppliers often find it difficult to communicate features and applications of materials to potential customers.

What's more, many of the existing search tools are behind a paywall, making Matmatch one of the only freely-accessible databases to end-users.

Matmatch is the first comprehensive platform to bridge the knowledge gap between suppliers of materials and buyers of materials. The user friendly platform streamlines the sourcing process from research to procurement within a single tool.

What is the background of the platform?

The idea for Matmatch came from a privately-owned company producing specialised, high performance materials. In collaboration with Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, they identified pain points in the current materials market and built a fully independent digital business to address these concerns. Backed by significant funding, the platform is aiming to become the go-to resource for anyone looking to find, evaluate and source materials.

Matmatch was able to bring together data from numerous sources, licensing various academic and corporate material databases, and then structuring, verifying, and compiling it. The platform currently has over 90k materials to search from, and the number is constantly growing. Additionally, an in-house team of materials scientists is in place to ensure data is accurate and reliable, and to provide expert assistance to people in their search for the right material.

The amount of suppliers on the platform is also growing. Current suppliers on the platform include Alcoa, ThyssenKrupp, VDM Metals and Plansee among others.

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