Inauguration of the NETZSCH High-Tech Manufacturing Facility ‒ Even More Efficiency and Customer Focus at NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH in Selb

After a construction period of only 12 months, the new production facility on Sedan Street was put into operation already in July 2017.

On October 9, the project valued at ten million Euros was officially inaugurated. The new production site will increase the capacities of NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH at the Selb site by 60% and set industry benchmarks in state-of-the-art production and logistics. From the very beginning, the building was designed so as to focus all processes on customers’ needs and efficiency more than ever before.

Individuality has always played an important role at NETZSCH-Gerätebau, since hardly any of the instruments delivered is quite like any other.

The new production facility offers us unexpected possibilities in serving our customers’ increasingly sophisticated and complex configuration and delivery date needs with even greater specificity. We can now use the entire spectrum of our ever-growing modular product system even better in order to be able to offer more versions and options. This actually makes us to a manufacturing facility, but one on a high-tech level.

Dr. Thomas Denner, Managing Director of the Business Unit

Keyword Industry 4.0 – in the new factory, all processes from order income to delivery are, of course, controlled by an SAP system that links everything together. But, in particular, it is the new ergonomically designed workplaces that promise even more efficiency and quality. There are no longer any fixed workplaces in assembly, but rather production islands that are tailored to specific needs. Furthermore, closed departments no longer exist. Instead, everything is flexible and open. Depending upon the current need, different numbers of employees can now work on a single level, on production islands ofvarying size. The new workplaces are optimally prepared – each one is equipped with identical work tools and information. Human resources planning will become more flexible; set-up times will be minimized. Each individual employee will be able to take on more responsibility as a result of these changes.

The extension of the building will also allow for the realization of a new training center, in order to establish optimal conditions for the future in terms of highly qualified training. This sets the course for the future and growth.

Director of Operations Ernst Most

In the new plant, roughly 20% more instruments are already being manufactured today – among them apparatuses and equipment which were formerly manufactured at NETZSCH Instruments in Boston. The number of employees, however, has not increased compared to the old plant. The higher output can be realized solely by the increase in efficiency. Currently, 100 employees are working in the new factory. The new building, however, is clearly structured for further growth. 150 employees should soon be working at the new NETZSCH high-tech manufacturing facility.

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