Automated “Pick & Place” 3D Surface Metrology on Small Batches

Image Credits: Alicona Imaging GmbH

Alicona, the market leader in Optical Metrology and 3D Surface Metrology have increased their surface metrology range with an automated measurement solution based on their range of measurement systems.

Based around a collaborative robot, chosen for the correct weight and size of the component to be measured the system can be used with the Alicona InfiniteFocus SL and G5 range. It can also be retrofitted to existing Alicona systems where required.

This automated system allows measurements to be made without human intervention and variability ensuring consistent, accurate and traceable results. Users have rights to control users to specific tasks.

The cobot software is integrated into the Alicona automation manager providing seamless programming for the measurement task. As the collaborative robot can be manually moved it allows the measurement cycle to be easily programmed in the “teach” mode, then the program can be stored for later use.

The “fingers” of the cobot are designed for each of the components and can be easily changed when different components are required to be measured. The results can be compared against CAD data, or a golden product, and the user can be presented with a go-no go result via a traffic light display system. Components that fail or pass the inspection criteria are placed in appropriate racks to either continue the process or be returned for re-work or for scrap where necessary.

In conjunction with the InfiniteFocus SL the system can be used to measure features, such as topographic “Z” data, XY data, small radii plus surface finish on part components. When used with the InfiniteFocus G5 equipped with a rotating platform circular or cylindrical components can also be measured.

The systems are ideally suited for the in process measurement of small batches of precision engineered components for geometric and surface finish measurement.

Measurement capabilities (depending on optical magnification) include height steps down to 20nm, height range up to 16mm, Ra values down to 0,08µm, software is included for surface finish and profilometry.


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