Moldex3D Cloud Extension Helps Address Large Scale Simulation Needs


Using CAE software to simulate molding processes and different processing conditions in the development of plastic products can help increase yields and reduce costs.  However, most small and medium sized businesses  have  limited budget, hardware and resources to satisfy large simulation needs or handle sudden request spikes during peak seasons.  How to quickly respond to varying business requirements and needs without having to invest in extra hardware and software becomes a challenge.

Moldex3D Cloud Extension is designed to address these problems related to budget constraints or shortages in IT capacity.  Based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides better scalability, stability and safety, Moldex3D Cloud Extension users can migrate heavy simulation workloads to the cloud and run multiple analyses simultaneously without purchasing additional licenses and hardware.  In addition, the Cloud Extension provide support for more than 90% of special molding processes, including foam injection molding, viscoelasticity (VE), gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM) and water-assisted injection molding (WAIM), which enables businesses of all sizes to rapidly expand their simulation capabilities at a lower cost.

Between the third and fourth quarters of 2017,  Moldex3D launched a free trial promotion for its Cloud Extension and has received great interest and positive feedback. For instance, Company A in Europe that uses Moldex3D Professional was requested by its customer to evaluate the feasibility of foaming injection molding process.  In order to meet customer requirements with tight time constraints, Company A chose Moldex3D Cloud Extension to rapidly expand its simulation capabilities without the need to purchase additional module licenses.  As a result, Company A successfully completed the evaluation of foaming injection molding process and returned the RFQ to the customer in time.

In another case, Company B in North America was tasked to optimize molding conditions before actual production.  However, they were not able to run multiple analyses within one day due to limited hardware availability and license seats.  Generally, the average computation time of a single analysis is 2 hours.  With Moldex3D Cloud Extension, Company B could run up to 5 analyses simultaneously in the same amount of time, greatly shortening project lead times and enabling faster time-to-market.

The calculation specifications on the Cloud Extension are continuously updated. Moldex3D Cloud Extension can help customers reduce product development time and effectively manage quality control and production scheduling with limited resources, time and budget.


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