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Bruker Introduces Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler

LightSpeed Focus Variation Technology Provides Fast, Extremely Accurate Metrology

Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler

At the 32nd Control 2018 international trade fair for quality assurance, Bruker today announced the release of its new Contour LS-K  3D optical profiler with LightSpeed™ focus variation technology. This technique uses optimized focusing with advanced algorithms to construct 3D surface maps at speeds impossible to achieve with other methods. The Contour LS-K uniquely enables both easy-to-acquire high-resolution images and reliable metrology data. The system rapidly captures surface data with market-leading field of view at vertical scanning speeds up to 5 millimeters per second. Unlike comparable solutions, Contour LS-K also provides quantitative metrology with access to raw measurement data, and a proven comprehensive software package for in-depth analysis.

The LightSpeed focus variation method is ideal for surfaces with significant roughness, large step heights, or steep angles and is a perfect complement to the existing Bruker ContourGT white light interferometry product line, which is optimized toward smoother surfaces and nanometer resolution. Engineers and metrologists in automotive, precision machining, manufacturing, electronics, and medical device markets will greatly benefit from the Contour LS-K for many applications, including mechanical testing, QA/QC inspection, process control, and R&D.

“We have been familiar with Bruker and their excellent reputation in white light interferometry for many years now,” said Professor Maxence Bigerelle, Director of ENSIAME, University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis. “The fact that they are releasing a new platform based on a completely different optical technique is a very positive step for the industry. Bruker’s commitment to innovation will certainly increase the pace of new technology development in this area, while their dedication to pure optical metrology will give us many exciting products for both research and industrial applications.”

At Bruker we have a solid foundation of industrial metrology excellence; it is a core part of our culture. With LightSpeed focus variation, we expand the reach of that gold standard approach to provide an underserved community with all the benefits of speed and convenience, but without compromising the integrity of the metrology.

James Earle, Vice President and General Manager of Bruker’s Tribology, Stylus and Optical Metrology Business

About the Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler

The Contour LS-K optical profiler uses Bruker’s new LightSpeed focus variation technology to accurately gather surface data without contacting the sample or part. It has been designed from the ground up to capitalize on rapid data acquisition, and data-rich images are displayed in high-resolution and in real color within seconds. The system features new proprietary software algorithms for data processing, analysis and visualization that are built on the foundation of decades of Vision64® software innovation. Every Contour LS-K is also equipped with automated X-Y stages, a motorized five-position objective turret, and dual lighting (coaxial and ring light) as standard equipment to ensure gold-standard metrology.

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