Dynisco Releases Next Generation Burst Plug with Indication

Dynisco expands their rupture disc offering with the reliable, secure pressure relief system known as the BP520.  The Dynisco Model BP520 burst plugs are custom assemblies with pop-top burst indication and are designed for reliable, emergency relief of excess pressure in a system.  The BP520 is being released at NPE 2018: The Plastics Show, the world’s number 1 trade fair for plastics, scheduled May 7 -11 in Orlando, Florida (Booth W4863).

The Dynisco Model BP520 are installed on barrel bodies with hex ends, where the hex OD (across flats) is larger than the burst plug body. The metal retainer strap is held in place by the hex and the metal 'T' shaped cap is fastened to the other end of the strip. A 2mm hold is drilled through the body and cap. A burst indicator wire is passed through the hole and when the disk ruptures, the T-cap 'pops open' shearing off the BI wire and indicating a burst to the control system.

“The BP520 is the ideal tool to have in place within your process as a failsafe redundancy when used in parallel with pressure sensor failure triggers,” said David Azevedo, Global Technical Support Manager. “If there is an issue of over pressurization in your process, this will trigger immediate notification that something has gone wrong and needs addressing”.

Another added feature is that the BP520’s can easily be configured to directly communicate and trigger an alarm with existing instrumentation, such as a process indicator, by being programmed to alarm on sensor input signal break. Once the burst plug has ruptured, the pop top will break the wire causing the alarm to be triggered

Other BP520 features and benefits include:

  • Each welded assembly consists of a threaded tubular body with a rupture disk welded onto the process end
  • Welded one-piece assembly – no degradation of joint strength at elevated temperatures
  • Inconel rupture disk – stable through a wide range of temperatures
  • 100% leaked tested
  • 100% electronic thread verification

Source: https://www.dynisco.com/


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