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Newest InfiniteFocus Optical Metrology System from Bruker Alicona

With their latest measuring system "InfiniteFocusG6", Bruker Alicona continues to lead the way in the field of Optical Metrology. The supplier of optical measuring technology continues its successful concept in combining roughness measurements with coordinate measuring technology, presenting a new measuring instrument that scores with its unique measuring performance, future-proof technology mix, ground-breaking user experience, and maximum flexibility.  

Bruker Alicona describes the latest development of their InfiniteFocus product series the new instruments by stating "Measurements are faster, measurement planning is more intuitive, and the spectrum of measurable components is wider."  

With this, the provider of optical metrology once again demonstrates its innovative strength. General Manager Christian Janko states: "In recent years, our development focused on areas such as usability, 5-axes metrology and performance in production metrology. This know-how is the base for the latest generation of our InfiniteFocus measuring systems."  

Shape and Roughness with Only One Optical Sensor 

InfiniteFocusG6 is an accurate, fast, and universal optical 3D measuring instrument for tolerances in the µm and sub-µm range. Components are measured using area-based surface measurement with high resolution and independent of size, material, geometry, weight, and surface finish. Proven features combined with new features provide the functionality of a roughness measuring machine (Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz) with the features of a coordinate measuring machine.  

New key features include the MetMaX user software allowing users to plan their measurements in advance on the CAD model of a part, and the selected positions are then automatically measured in 3D. In addition, a digital twin combined with a virtual measurement simulation enables the safe operation of the system. Another core element is the optional expansion from 3 to 5 axes where high-precision tilting and rotating axes enable the measurement of form and roughness on the entire component - in just one measuring step.

Also included is the integration of Bruker Alicona's latest technology, Vertical Focus Probing, which allows users to probe components laterally with a non-contact sensor. This allows the measurement of challenging geometries like holes and vertical flanks (>90°) optically measurable and allows completely new applications. Also included is SmartFlash, which enables measurements of smooth, highly polished surfaces, and Real3D, which turns individual measurements into a complete 360° data set.  

Like all Bruker Alicona measuring instruments, the new InfiniteFocus system is based on the Focus-Variation method. The instrument’s robust technology together with its vibration-isolated design is the basis for use in production. Users achieve high-resolution, repeatable, and traceable results with InfiniteFocus even directly next to a machine tool.  


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