ASM INTERNATIONAL - Thomas Passek, Associate Managing Director

ASM INTERNATIONAL - Thomas Passek, Associate Managing Director

AZoM conducted a series of interviews at the MS&T 07 trade exhibition in Detroit between September 17 and 18. Here's what one of the exhibitors had to say when asked about their latest developments, products and technologies.

Tom talks to us about the success of MS&T, the largest materials event in North America that brings together ASM International, the American Ceramic Society, the AIST and TMS and 6000 materials professionals.

He also tells us about how ASM International has undergone a $5-6 million restructuring in recent times and how they are making a concerted effort to provide more comprehensive services to the members and indicates future directions for ASM.

"Well I guess ASM’s really gone through some restructuring, a rebirth if you will, and a lot of that had to do with our strategic initiatives."

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