ROLLED ALLOYS - Jason Wilson, Technical Marketing Director

ROLLED ALLOYS - Jason Wilson, Technical Marketing Director

AZoM conducted a series of interviews at the MS&T 07 trade exhibition in Detroit between September 17 and 18. Here's what one of the exhibitors had to say when asked about their latest developments, products and technologies.

Jason briefly walks us through the Rolled Alloys catalog which includes stainless steels, heat resistant aloys, as well as titanium and cobalt alloys suitable for high temperature and wet corrosion applications and the industries where they are used.

Duplex stainless steels have also become an important materials in the Rolled Alloys range. Resons for this are elaborated on.

"The duplex stainless steels are lower in nickel than the standard 300 series and they’ve become very, very popular now with what nickel has been doing..."

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