NANOINK, Tom Levesque, Vice President of DPN Business

NANOINK, Tom Levesque, Vice President of DPN Business

AZoM conducted a series of interviews at the 2007 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston between November 27 and 29. Here's what one of the exhibitors had to say when asked about their latest developments, products and technologies.

Tom explains what Dip Pen Nanolithography is and its origins. He then introduces us to the NScriptor system which features a 2-dimesional print array with 55,000 cantilevers. These devices are used create customized nanostructures and nanosurfaces in various environments. Examples may include depositing proteins or DNA onto surfaces for drug discovery or cellular mobility studies.

"The NScriptor from Nanoink has a 2-dimensional array containing 55,000 cantilevers in a 1cm2 area, which addresses the scalability of this technology."

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