PHYSIK INSTRUMENTE, Scott Jordan, Director of Nanoautomation Technologies

PHYSIK INSTRUMENTE, Scott Jordan, Director of Nanoautomation Technologies

AZoM conducted a series of interviews at the 2007 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston between November 27 and 29. Here's what one of the exhibitors had to say when asked about their latest developments, products and technologies.

In this informative interview, Scott explains what a piezostack is and how they can be used in nanopositioning to achieve motions of thousands of micrometers with resolutions of picometers. He also outlines the advantages of piezostacks and why they are used for linear and rotational positioning.

Physik Instrumente's new range of of piezo-based mechanisms, including those with walk-based motion and long travel, as well as Physik Instrumente's Hyperbit software, which can be used to improve the resolution of piezostacks in nanopositioning operations

"At the MRS Meeting, Physik Instrumente are introducing a family of piezo-based mechanisms which in stead of using a stack-like actuation, use an assembly of piezo driving elements that allow a workpiece to be driven hundreds of millimeters and still enjoy the resolution and repeatability that conventional piezo nanopositioners provide."

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