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ZWICK ROELL, Stefan Roell, CEO

ZWICK ROELL, Stefan Roell, CEO

AZoM conducted an interview with Stefan Roell, CEO of Zwick. When quizzed about their latest developments, he was happy to talk to us about a couple of products for the materials industry and their advantages and applications.

Zwick produce testing equipment and instruments for all kinds of materials. Specifically their equipment is designed to test physical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength, hardness etc and has been carefully designed for specific applications and industries.

Stefan tells us about recently developed laser and video technologies that replace contact extensometers. He explains the advantages of these systems over more traditional systems and how they integrate into Zwick’s testXpert software, which in turn allows detailed analysis of the video.

"Industries that have embraced Zwick's new video capture and non-contact extensometer technologies include the metals, plastics, automotive, medical and textile industries."

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