DYESOL - Hans Desilvestro and Damien Milliken

DYESOL - Hans Desilvestro and Damien Milliken

AZoM sent one of its intrepid reporters down to the ICONN 2008 conference in Melbourne, Australia held between February 25 to 29 to get the low down on what is happening in nanotechnology. He spoke to a range of people from industry, government and non-government bodies. Here’s what one of them had to say when asked about how they were utilising nanomaterials.

Dyesol are a leading supplier of dye solar cell technology. In this age where we are all interested in alternative energy sources to fossil fuels and clean technologies, we spark to Hans Desilvestro and Damien Milliken about the state of play with dye sensitised solar cell technology.

In the process we learn how dye solar cells work, their advantages over more conventional technologies such as silicon, where we are likely to see them in the future and how nanotechnology benefits the technology.

The performance of dye solar cells is expected to surpass that of silicon solar cells within the next five years and the technology boasts several other advantages that will endear it to commercialisation.

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