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ICETECH, John Martin, Director

ICETECH, John Martin, Director

We let AZoM’s Chief Editor out of the office for a day to attend the National Manufacturing Week Exhibition held at Sydney’ Darling Harbour Convention Centre from May 27-30 2008. While at the show, he spoke to a few exhibitors about their products and technologies.

We spoke to John Martin, Director of IceTech Australia about “Cryogenic Process Technology” or CPT. John explains just what this technology is, and how it uses sustainable materials, to not only clean, but also to disinfect surfaces.

We discuss the broad range of applications that Cryogenic Process Technology is suited to, how simple and versatile it is, and how varying process parameters can make it applicable to different contaminants like thick crusts of bitumen or sterilization of food equipment an various substrates.

The core technology was derived from dry ice blasting but has evolved and now allows us to clean delicate items such as printed circuit boards making them contaminant-free, without introducing any other contaminants.

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