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STREM CHEMICALS - The Latest Nanomaterial Offerings

STREM CHEMICALS - The Latest Nanomaterial Offerings

Cameron Chai catches up Ephraim Honig from Strem Chemicals to see what new developments and products have recently become available at Strem who are making big strides into the field of nanomaterials.

Since having spoken to Ephraim at MS&T’07, Strem have expanded their offerings to include over 4000 products, of which more than 70 are nanomaterials.

Some of their most recent additions include:

  • Lead-free environmentally-friendly palladium nanocatalysts developed by BASF
  • Platelet Graphitic Nanofibers (PGNF) consisting of graphene sheets that layers in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the fiber
  • Nanochips

Ephraim explains some of the interesting properties of these materials as well as their applications and advantages.

“We have a variety of shapes including spheres, sheets, rods, stars and necklaces. It almost sounds like a design company, but we’re really a chemical company.”

Run time – 17:13min