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BLUGLASS – New Technology for Manufacturing LEDs

BLUGLASS – New Technology for Manufacturing LEDs

AZoNano’s Cameron Chai speaks to Giles Bourne from Bluglass about their unique technology that will make LED manufacture significantly cheaper.

Bluglass is a new Australian company. Giles explains where they came from, the current status of their technology and why LEDs are the lighting technology of the future.

Bluglass use a process called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition, or RPCVD that differs from most other manufacturers, who use the MOCVD process. Giles tells us about this process and its advantages.

Using MOCVD to manufacture LEDs requires expensive sapphire substrates, whereas the BluGlass RPCVD process utilizes cheaper glass substrates. This combines with other lower cost input materials results in a cost saving of around 50%.

Duration 6:47 min