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    OI Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation for chemical analysis. Data from our analytical instruments serve as the basis for informed decisions affecting human health and safety,...
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    Empower Materials Inc. produces the QPAC® line of carbon dioxide-based polymers used for improving manufacturing technologies. Empower Materials Inc. was founded in 1991 as PAC Polymers Inc. and...
  • Article - 30 Jul 2012
    Brass is an alloy mainly consisting of copper and zinc. Different brass alloys with distinct properties can be formed by varying the amount of zinc from 5 to 45%. Alpha brasses and alpha-beta/duplex...
  • Article - 15 Feb 2002
    Every year, 200 million tungsten bullets are produced, each using an ounce of tungsten. That amounts to over 5500 tons or one-eighth of the current annual tungsten consumption across the globe.
  • Article - 31 Jul 2012
    Brass is a copper-zinc alloy, which is ductile and easy to shape. The amount of zinc in the brass alloy can be varied from 5 to 45% to form different alloys with unique properties.
  • Article - 30 Jul 2012
    Brasses or copper zinc alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and strength. Brasses are easily cold worked and contain good ductility and strength. Copper zinc alloys with about 35% of zinc are...
  • Article - 19 Apr 2005
    Aluminium 5754 has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and industrially polluted atmospheres. It has high strength that makes 5754 highly suited to flooring applications. The properties,...
  • Article - 30 Aug 2001
    Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical properties.
  • Article - 30 Jul 2012
    Cu-Ni alloys have a single-phase structure throughout the complete range of compositions and many standard alloys are available with small variations in their element composition for special...
  • Article - 15 Dec 2015
    A wide variety of contaminants with the potential to cause harm to humans and animals can make their way into the environment.