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  • Article - 2 Jun 2001
    Tooth filling materials such as silver amalgams, resin-based composites and ion-leachable glass cements are covered. Cast metals, bonded restorations, ceramics and composite implant materials are also...
  • Article - 6 Jun 2013
    Vanadium is a hard, ductile metal having a silvery-gray appearance. It is harder than most metals and exhibits good corrosion resistance against alkalis and acids. Its atomic number is 23 and is...
  • Article - 18 Mar 2020
    An epoxy is a thermosetting polymer. Its mechanical properties and resistance make it ideal for multiple applications including adhesives.
  • Article - 28 Feb 2020
    An automated fuels analyzer can be used for hydrocarbon analysis in fuel refineries.
  • Article - 21 Sep 2005
    Various highly fluorescent acridinediones were synthesized by microwave, ultrasound irradiations, and conventional thermal methods. It was found that most of the acridinedione derivatives could be...
  • Article - 25 Mar 2004
    Cellulose acetate is a thermoplastic that has been around for 110 years. Until recently it had been overshadowed by more recently developed plastics. The reinvention of this material is described.
  • Article - 23 Oct 2012
    Maggie Saykali, ECPI Sector Group Manager, talks to AZoM about the work of ECPI on plasticisers and the benefits and potential risks of phthalates.