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  • Article - 17 Jul 2001
    Actinium occurs naturally in association with uranium minerals. Actinium-227 is a decay product of uranium-235. It is commercially vauable as a source of neutrons.
  • Article - 29 Jun 2012
    The Unified Numbering System was developed by ASTM and SAE in order to correlate a number of varied numbering systems for commercial alloys and metals.This article covers rare earth metals and alloys.
  • News - 16 Apr 2012
    Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are conducting a novel medical isotope project that will help produce at a rapid rate, significant quantities of actinium 225 (Ac-225), which is a newly...
  • Article - 18 Dec 2001
    Francium is an alkali metal that occurs naturally as a radioactive decay product of actinium. While 29 isotopes have been identified, knowledge and properties are scarce, owing to its instability.
  • News - 23 Feb 2017
    Little is known about the heaviest, radioactive elements in Mendeleev’s table. But an extremely sensitive technique involving laser light and gas jets makes it possible for the very first time...
  • News - 23 Nov 2006
    The periodic table of chemical elements hangs in front of chemistry classrooms and in science laboratories worldwide. Yet much was unknown about its history and evolution until now. "The moment...
  • Article - 28 Jul 2001
    Lead is a bluish-white metal of brighter lustre, it is very soft, highly malleable, ductile and a poor conductor of electricity. Common applications include batteries, solders, plumbing, ammunition,...
  • Article - 20 Sep 2005
    The role of crystal chemistry in developing ceramic materials for high level radioactive waste immobilisation is reviewed. Synroc, a ceramic material utilising 4 titanate phases was produced that was...
  • Article - 30 Jun 2012
    Unified numbering system (UNS), a designation system is formed by ASTM and SAE to identify metals and alloys. This article relates tot he designations for nonferrous metals and alloys,