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  • Article - 30 May 2013
    Copper can be easily alloyed. There are about 400 copper alloys with various compositions to provide unique characteristics that would suit numerous applications.
  • Article - 30 May 2013
    There are almost 400 types of copper alloys available with unique characteristics. Aluminum bronze is an alloy consisting of about 6% of iron and nickel and 9 to 12% of aluminum. It has high corrosion...
  • Article - 29 May 2013
    Copper UNS C89835 is a bismuth tin bronze cast alloy. It has good machinability, good polishing and plating characteristics. It also possesses better castability at lower temperatures.
  • Article - 28 May 2013
    UNS numbers C83300 to C85800 indicate cast red, yellow and leaded brasses, which are a category of copper alloys. Brass is derived when copper is alloyed with zinc. By varying the quantities of zinc...
  • Article - 22 May 2013
    Aluminum bronze alloys are a category of copper alloys that are known to be tarnish-resistant with minimal corrosion in atmospheric conditions and minimal oxidation rates at high temperatures.
  • Article - 8 May 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum is one of the lightest available commercial metals with a density approximately one-third that of steel or copper. It can be easily fabricated into many forms such as foil,...
  • Article - 8 May 2013
    The principal alloying ingredients in aluminium / aluminum alloys include manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc and silicon. The market for aluminium / aluminum and its alloys is huge. About 22 million t...
  • Article - 7 May 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum is a soft and lightweight metal which is a good electrical conducto and also has sound absorbing, shock absorbing, and anti-rusting properties.
  • Article - 6 May 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum combined with various percentages of other metals such as copper, manganese, magnesium, and chromium form the aluminium / aluminum alloys.
  • Article - 6 May 2013
    Aluminium / aluminum is a very useful material and over the years its range of application has widened immensely. It is a very malleable and ductile such that it is possible to roll it into sheets as...