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  • Article - 20 Jan 2022
    This article will provide an overview of 3d printing technology and will explore recent projects, both completed and under development, that take advantage of this innovative technology.
  • Article - 19 Jan 2022
    Metal additive manufacturing can produce a wide range of metals, but additive manufacturing with aluminum is used to develop parts specifically for the aerospace and automobile industry. This article...
  • Article - 12 Jan 2022
    AZoM speaks to Professor Yi Cui and Dr. Fang Liu about their groundbreaking research into lithium batteries. The researchers have found a way to revitalize 'dead' lithium in batteries and hope that...
  • Article - 5 Jan 2022
    This article considers porous titanium, with a focus on its properties and applications.
  • Article - 5 Jan 2022
    Polycarbonates are a group of polymers that can be formed by heat (thermoplastic), but still contain carbonate groups in their chemical makeup. Polycarbonates are strong and tough, and some grades are...
  • Article - 29 Dec 2021
    Solar energy has been at the forefront of nations' efforts to develop new technologies, and scientists are continuously looking for new methods to develop efficient energy-generating systems.
  • Article - 9 Dec 2021
    AZoM talks to Dr. Oleg Panchenko about his work with the Lightweight Materials and Structures Laboratory in SPbPU, and their project that looks to create a new lightweight footbridge employing a novel...
  • Article - 9 Dec 2021
    In this article, Hitachi demonstrates why their OE270 spark spectrometry instrument is the perfect choice for aluminium analysis. This is deeply important as precise analysis is necessary to ensure...
  • Article - 9 Dec 2021
    In this article, Hitachi discusses metals analysis, elaborating on past and future trends in the industry, including 3D printing, automation and environmental impact.
  • Article - 8 Dec 2021
    Tapped density can affect the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. This article discusses how measuring tapped density can lead to the development of improved batteries.