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    Fritsch is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing. Here a short view of the Fritsch instrument...
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    Instron is a leading provider of testing equipment for the material testing and structural testing markets. Instron’s products test the mechanical properties and performance of various...
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    Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of engineered thermal insulation barriers and seals that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation. Their...
  • Article - 23 Jan 2008
    Hybrid microelectronic circuits form the basis of a wide range of electronic applications.
  • Article - 6 Jan 2004
    Sialons are hard ceramic materials consisting of silicon nitride, aluminium nitride and alumina. Chemical, electrical, mechanical, physical and thermal properties are all listed.
  • Article - 14 Oct 2002
    Rimmed steels are similar to killed steels, except that they are only partially deoxidised. The process by which they are made, advantages, disadvantages and steels that are typically rimmed are...
  • Article - 14 Oct 2002
    Dissolved oxygen in molten steel can react with carbon to form carbon monoxide bubbles. This can be prevented by adding deoxidising agents. Completely deoxidised steels are called killed steels. The...
  • Article - 11 Mar 2002
    Superalloys are emerging as a viable alternative to ceramic filters for clean burning coal power generators. The possibility of creating thin filters with high surface area and limited susceptibility...
  • Article - 11 Apr 2001
    Sialons are a family of ceramics consisting of silicon, aluminium, oxygen and nitrogen with applications in the automotive and matallurgical fields.
  • Article - 9 Dec 2008
    This article discusses the properties of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) alumina nanopowder.